1. Added ability to place cameras on the multilayer graphical design of the facility through a web-based interface.

  2. Added ability for secure, fast and centrally organized firmware updates for cameras that support ISAPI remote control protocol.

What’s new in Flussonic ver. 20.07

  1. Added ability to customize ports’ mode of operation on the Decklink cards from Flussonic Media Server. Also, Flussonic can now push the stream using input or output ports.

  2. Added ability to encode on QSV at 50i. Additionally, we converted progressive to interlaced for linear transcoder to DVB-C. This allows streaming to cable networks with interlacing and to outdated equipment.

  3. Added ability to seamlessly switch between audio sources when posting through WebRTC (ability to switch on-the-fly from phone’s built-in microphone to headset, and vice versa, without interrupting a stream).

  4. Added support of Streamlabs SDI capture cards.

  5. Added ability to seamlessly switch between sources for transcoding with NVENC. Now switching over from sources of different quality is picture-to-picture.

  6. Improved receiving of posts from OBS through RTMP, also added the ability to make a pause while posting.

  7. Added support for HEVC codec for multicast broadcast. Now Flussonic can send UHD premium content in IPTV networks.