flussonic (v4.7.1) 2017-12-07


We have released an august version of Flussonic.

Feel free to update, we have made some interesting changes:

Flussonic now can take video from Polycom conference system:

You can connect via h323 protocol to polycom device and take stream from there. Output can be sent to browser, mobile phone, etc.

We have updated Quicksync library and it runs with skylake CPU:

Our SQL API got serious refactoring. It is much more convenient now: order by, not required to specify stream+server in updates anymore, better error status and really more stable. Look how many fixes have we done:

All this is required to make really convenient cluster control via ORM in your PHP or Rails app.

There are cool features for administrators:

For those who need low latency, hurry up to use our updated low latency player: http://flussonic/STREAMNAME/embed.html?version=3&realtime=true and get other fixes related to lpayer

And the rest of important features and fixes:


Выпущена версия 4.6.17:


DRM support:

MPEG-TS changes:

DVR fixes:






Обратите внимание:

Новые фичи:








Events & lua:

Video thumbnails, MSE low delay and HTML5:


Other Flussonic changes:



We have done serious work on cluster refactoring and cluster protocols in Flussonic.

See the updated documentation for cluster

Flussonic Watcher

We have launched several projects based on Flussonic Watcher lately, so there are lot of related features and bug fixes.

Important thing is that we have added clustered storage for motion events. In the next version we will add support for motion events in Watcher.


Transcoder is a very complicated part of Flussonic and we work on improving it every day, so here are the recent bugfixes and some new things:

Flashless future of HTML5

Flussonic looks towards the future without Flash. We have added some fixes to our server-side WebRTC implementation and our brand new low delay HTML5 playback.

For more details, check documentation for MSE low delay

Jpegless thumbnails

Flussonic is here to reduce load on your hardware and network: it shows DVR thumbnails without jpeg at all!

Read more in the documentation for video thumbnails in DVR

Embed with player

Embed.html which is the easiest way to embed a player into your website. We work on making this process more stable and compatible with all new browsers and their peculiarities in every Watcher version.

We have started moving to video.js framework. You can check it out right now by adding a query string ?version=2. Here are some other fixes in the most recent version.

Other fixes:

There is a list of other Flussonic fixes and new features. Some of them are very actual.


Как обычно в нашем релизе много чего полезного

Расширен список камер на которых работает наш агент:

изменения касающиеся Flussonic Watcher:

Мы уже очень близки к добавлению детектора движения:

Технические изменения касающиеся качества проигрывания и синхронизации аудио и видео:

Мы добавили возможность выставить константный битрейт при отправке в udp:

и много других возможностей и изменений: