Версия 4.6.14


  • #1874 now it is possible to configure PCR frequency in mpegts CBR output: push udp://
  • #2479 fix discontinuity on SDT pid in HLS
  • #2591 use url hls://source/index.m3u8 skip_stalled_check=true to disable stalled check
  • #3642 you can use 0xb5 for pids when you configure mpegts input
  • #3647 fixed error with schedule_chunks_with_duration in udp pusher
  • #3833 more gracefully and less verbose handling of errors in input mpegts stream


  • #3002 now flussonic accepts FMLE multibitrate RTMP publishing
  • #3224 synchronize streams when several urls are specified with mbr=1 tag
  • #3269 fix a/v desync with mbr=1 flag


  • #3540 changed way of compensating lost audio in transcoder
  • #3673 fixed deinterlace on old nvenc2 hardware method
  • #3811 more synced video from transcoder
  • #3822 fixing segfault in avcodec transcoder


  • #3489 [VSaaS] support for non-standard RTMP port in Watcher
  • #3527 [VSaaS] fix starting ondemand camera from UI
  • #3576 [VSaaS] enhanced handling HTTP headers in Watcher API
  • #3583 added VSaaS auth type of stream in admin UI
  • #3670 [VSaaS] iframe with embed now show video to non-authorized users
  • #3716 [VSaaS] customization of authorization page
  • #3721 [VSaaS] fixed setting invalid config to streamer when adding it
  • #3725 [VSaaS] better indication of broken camera in list
  • #3730 [VSaaS] save selected camera view mode in dashboard
  • #3732 [VSaaS] customization of emails
  • #3750 [VSaaS] full https support for Watcher and Agent
  • #3767 [VSaaS] stop asking preview for ondemand camera
  • #3775 [VSaaS] fix authorization on Android in web UI
  • #3794 [VSaaS] ensure camera deletion from streamer after it disabling via API
  • #3807 [VSaaS] ensure camera provisioning on streamer after pushing via API
  • #3812 [VSaaS] enanced working of SSL Agent on slow connection
  • #3844 [VSaaS] Watcher now can make a self health check of configuration
  • #3914 [VSaaS] fix adding user to group on API import

Events & lua:

  • #2639 now it is possible to use timers and send emails from lua scripts
  • #3858 new event notify system https://flussonic.com/doc/api/events

Video thumbnails, MSE low delay and HTML5:

  • #3628 enhance Flash detection in new Chrome 56
  • #3649 Low delay MSE now works for most cases
  • #3742 now reading video thumbnail will make only small disk request
  • #3771 better handling of WebRTC in Firefox with disabled h264
  • #3814 embed.html will now use video thumbnail for poster
  • #3825 video thumbnails in mobile browsers
  • #3839 video thumbnail for VOD
  • #3854 video thumbnails now are used for video.js player as poster


  • #3561 enhance reading large VOD from another flussonic
  • #3605 now replicator will work with m4f protocol
  • #3686 now exporting mp4 from DVR will remove gaps
  • #3782 renaming config directive server to peer
  • #3789 fix Swift DVR clearing
  • #3793 now it is possible to use Astra Cesbo as a source for cluster restreaming
  • #3795 remove limitation of 20 streams for m4f cluster streams
  • #3835 handle peer cluster redirect in rtmp or rtsp

Other Flussonic changes:

  • #3804 fix for reading RTSP from Axis Q6032
  • #3806 fix rpm package for SLES
  • #3815 use copy://stream for creating of stream copy inside flussonic
  • #3816 fixed error in responding with HDS manifest with token
  • #3830 fix max_sessions with IPTV plugin
  • #3831 log auth requests to plugin
  • #3836 fix bug with handling RTSP timestamps on counter overflow
  • #3845 fix in selector of mp4 download range in DVR UI
  • #3852 make RTMP source more compatible with DASH output
  • #3868 change DASH manifest to use r attribute to reduce it size
  • #3899 renamed VOD cache directives to segment_cache https://flussonic.com/doc/vod/cache
  • #3900 Satvision camera support with broken payload num in SDP