Flussonic Watcher 23.06


Flussonic Watcher

Что нового в Flussonic Watcher 23.06

Мы рады объявить о выпуске Flussonic Watcher 23.06! Эта версия предлагает множество новых возможностей и улучшений, делая Watcher полностью независимым от управления инфраструктурной частью, кластером и стримерами. Для запуска Watcher теперь не требуется Media Server. Watcher 23.06 оптимизирован для Kubernetes, поддерживает HEVC в пользовательском интерфейсе, предлагает расширенные возможности распознавания номерных знаков и улучшенную конфигурацию DVR.

  • #29508 (new) Implemented operation of Iris with HAL module for cameras based on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #30674 (new) Iris made independent from ip and killall functions of BusyBox to avoid problems when integrating the firmware with cameras having custom rootfs builds.
  • #30726 (new) Watcher now doesn’t keep streamers anymore. This infrastructure knowledge is stored in Central
  • #30391 (fixed) Fixed HTTP 500 errors when no statistics is received from Agents. Such situations are now processed correctly.
  • #30520 (improved) reduced installation path for the fresh installation
  • #18809 (new) Supported the recognition of Kazakhstan license plates.
  • #19486 (new) Recognition of sqaure-shaped license plates with several lines of symbols on them is now supported.
  • #25931 (new) Watcher VMS can now run independently from Media Server with its own systemd unit.
  • #28766 (new) Supported the recognition of Bulgarian license plates.
  • #28889 (new) Watcher VMS can now run in Docker. You can get the image here.
  • #29244 (new) Supported provisioning of transcoder settings from Watcher VMS to Flussonic Central via presets.
  • #29391 (new) Implemented commands for changing stream parameters when viewing video from cameras on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29507 (new) Finalized HAL interface for FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29974 (new) The separate installation package for Watcher VMS created without excessive dependencies.
  • #30115 (new) Updated the mechanism of setting up the DVR in Watcher VMS: Watcher now always provisions dvr.reference='central' to Flussonic Central, and further configuration is performed on streamers. Please contact our technical support team to get help with configuring DVR on your streamers.
  • #30145 (new) Implemented the commands for changing the audio track parameters after the playback is started for cameras on FH8852v200+GS2063 chipset.
  • #29817 (improved) The URL of Flussonic Central is now configured for Watcher VMS via the CENTRAL_URI environment variable.
  • #29924 (improved) DVR and source events handling has been removed from Watcher VMS because they were not in use.