Flussonic Watcher 23.03


Flussonic Watcher

Что нового во Flussonic Watcher 23.03

Распознавание лиц и номеров теперь доступно на GPU и CPU, обновленный интерфейс, фильтр по онлайн и оффлайн камерам, оптимизация фиксации “движений в кадре”, устранение проблем воспроизведения архива во встроенном плеере, стабильное удаление записей и многое другое. Полный список изменений доступен ниже.

  • #8578 (new) Eliminated the need to downgrade the Watcher database when rolling back to versions from 23.02 and newer. When rolling back to version 23.01 and older, the downgrade is still required.
  • #27895 (new) The filter by online cameras was replaced with the filter by enabled cameras to increase Watcher VMS overall performance and usability.
  • #28145 (new) Implemented the tool to check the stream configuration in the Flussonic Central database before provisioning it to streamers via the config_external mechanism.
  • #28305 (new) Implemented HAL interface for FH8852v200 chipset.
  • #23417 (fixed) Deletion of motion event records after the expiration of their storage time has been made more accurate.
  • #26048 (fixed) Fixed issue with statuses of online Agents shown as offline.
  • #27451 (fixed) Fixed issue with /users/{user_id}/cameras API call returning empty list for users with cameras.
  • #27609 (fixed) Fixed issue with archive deletion after stream disabling and reenabling using the checkbox in the camera settings.
  • #27802 (improved) The analytics module for GPU and CPU is now installed as one consolidated package flussonic-vision for seamless update.
  • #28237 (fixed) Removed unnecessary table in the camera list on the Dashboard view.
  • #28352 (fixed) Fixed error on saving camera config after deleting its streamer.
  • #28358 (fixed) Enhanced the handling of a large number of motion events to avoid their occasional loss with HTTP 400 errors.
  • #28381 (improved) Supported auto updating of the flussonic-watcher-core (Flussonic Central) package when updating Flussonic Watcher.
  • #28401 (fixed) Fixed issue with person_id not populated to the Watcher VMS database preventing face recognition in the new analytics module.
  • #28406 (fixed) Fixed inability to set analytics detection zone for cameras with a non-adjustable preset.
  • #28446 (fixed) Fixed issue with stream not shown in the Watcher mobile app with DVR disabled.
  • #28660 (fixed) Fixed issue with the “Upload debug info” function in the Watcher VMS UI not returning the UUID.
  • #28765 (fixed) Fixed error messages in Watcher log about DVR locks not being applied even though streamer reported that lock is successful.
  • #28792 (fixed) Fixed issue with the camera list not displayed on the Dashboard view when there were many cameras and folders created.
  • #28859 (fixed) Fixed issue with /vsaas/api/v2/cameras request not returning data because of inability to fetch Agent list from Flussonic Central.