Flussonic Watcher 23.01


Flussonic Watcher

Что нового в Flussonic Watcher 23.01

Расширена линейка видеокамер с предустановленным агентом.

  • #26193 (improved) Improved the mechanism of getting camera and Agent statuses from Flussonic Central to Watcher VMS: periodical polling replaced with online status obtaining.
  • #26519 (fixed) Fixed issue with stream and streamer statuses incorrectly shown as alive: false even though the streams and streamers were working fine.
  • #26813 (fixed) Fixed issue with DVR settings saved in wrong format in Watcher VMS.
  • #27538 (fixed) Fixed issue with excessive stream requests from Watcher VMS to Flussonic Central that caused server overload.
  • #27553 (fixed) Fixed issue with task queue on VSAAS.IO to improve the system performance.
  • #27608 (fixed) Fixed issue with DVR path incorrectly provisioned from Flussonic Central when changing the streamer which caused the old archive to be unavailable if the DVR paths were different on the old and new streamers.