Flussonic Watcher 22.01


Вышла версия 22.01 продуктов Flussonic Watcher.

Flussonic Watcher

Что исправлено

  • #19467 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that video got stuck in the embedded player in some case after switching it into full screen mode.
  • #19500 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that a user without administrator permissions was able to delete oneself.
  • #20471 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that DVR lock status was incorrectly displayed when DVR Days Limit was set to disabled.
  • #20558 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that it was impossible to delete a user if one sent any message was fixed.
  • #21171 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that in some cases a camera was not shifted to another server if a main one failed.
  • #21374 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue with seamless DVR so that parts located on another server were not accessible.