Flussonic Watcher 21.02


Вышла версия 21.02 продуктов Flussonic Watcher.

Flussonic Watcher

Список Flussonic Agent в веб-интерфейсе, исправления в мозаике 1x7, улучшенная логика работы с пресетами камер.

Что нового
  • #14813 (new) (Watcher) You can view the list of Flussonic Agents with their statuses and other details in the UI.
  • #14387 (improved) (Watcher) The administrator can view all Flussonic Agents, which helps in problem diagnostics.

Что исправлено
  • #13984 (fixed) (Watcher) Camera presets usage was improved.
  • #14209 (fixed) (Watcher) Watcher allows only RTSP streams specified as follows: rtsp://[LOGIN:PASSWORD@]ip_or_host:port[/path]
  • #14868 (fixed) (Watcher) Camera selection in 1x7 mosaic works again.
  • #15066 (fixed) (Watcher) The issue of 21.01 with streamer becoming offline was fixed.
  • #15114 (fixed) (Watcher) The display of a 1x7 mosaic was fixed.