Flussonic Watcher 21.01


Вышла версия 21.01 продуктов Flussonic Watcher.

Flussonic Watcher

Интеграция VSAAS.IO с внешними биллинговыми системами, поддержка камер Jovision JVC-CR1, испанская локализация Iris.

Что нового
  • #14466 (new) (VSAAS.IO) The domains list now shows the number of tariffs in a domain, and you can view the tariffs by clicking that number.
  • #14507 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Trial license limitations are now applied to Organizations.
  • #14564 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Organization owners are redirected to the Watcher login page of their domain after they have set the password for their organization.
  • #14571 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Integration with external billing systems: In the domain settings, you can now specify the external billing URL, and the VSAAS.IO billing will monthly send detailed invoices to this external billing.
  • #14129 (new) (Iris) Flussonic Iris for JVS-CR1 cameras was localized for Spanish speakers.
  • #14130 (new) (Iris) The support for Jovision JVC-CR1 cameras.
  • #14586 (improved) (Watcher) The license plates page opens quicker now.

  • #14392 (fixed) (Watcher) The duration of the blocked interval with a recorded event in the archive did not correspond to the duration of the event.
  • #14602 (fixed) (Watcher) If the user expanded and collapsed a camera in a mosaic, Watcher stopped showing video from all other cameras in that mosaic.
  • #14634 (fixed) (Watcher) Mosaic view now supports cameras with audio.
  • #14693 (fixed) (Watcher) In the desktop Watcher UI, the controls for rotating a PTZ camera up and down work correctly now.
  • #14861 (fixed) (Watcher) After moving a camera to another streaming server (url m4f://), the previous streaming server no longer appears in the configuration file.
  • #14360 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) Event markers on the timeline were fixed.
  • #14654 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) Events display on the Events tab was fixed.
  • #14775 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) A scrolling issue in the list of Agents was fixed.
  • #14902 (fixed) (Mobile Watcher) An issue with icons on Android 10 was fixed.
  • #14510 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) The details about issued invoices are available in the Account now.
  • #14718 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) The form was improved of the email notification that is sent to a domain administrator at organization creation.
  • #14854 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Changing the domain owner for a domain in operation was fixed.
  • #14855 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Adding user permissions for domain administration was fixed.
  • #13101 (fixed) (Iris) We significantly improved the quality of reading QR codes.