Версия 4.6.18


We have released an august version of Flussonic.

Feel free to update, we have made some interesting changes:

Flussonic now can take video from Polycom conference system:

  • #4380 capture video from Polycom via H323

You can connect via h323 protocol to polycom device and take stream from there. Output can be sent to browser, mobile phone, etc.

We have updated Quicksync library and it runs with skylake CPU:

  • #3802 run QSV on skylake

Our SQL API got serious refactoring. It is much more convenient now: order by, not required to specify stream+server in updates anymore, better error status and really more stable. Look how many fixes have we done:

  • #4247 now can configure transcoder via SQL API
  • #4352 fix invalid output of available, hls_off, etc fields in SQL API
  • #4353 update but not replace stream options via SQL API
  • #4354 added server meta field and stream meta extra field to SQL API
  • #4372 better error status in SQL API
  • #4389 show source_hostname for sourced streams in SQL API
  • #4390 remove duplicated hls_off,hds_off fields from SQL API
  • #4391 add support for ORDER BY to SQL API
  • #4392 add hls indicator to SQL API that means existing of HLS clients
  • #4411 added field version and build to servers table of SQL API
  • #4417 added multiple streams update to SQL API
  • #4431 more smooth refresh of cluster data when update streams via SQL API
  • #4457 enhanced starting streams with cluster ingest detecting failure

All this is required to make really convenient cluster control via ORM in your PHP or Rails app.

There are cool features for administrators:

  • #2428 now you can completely disable stream without deleting it from config — you can add disable option to stream and it will be just like commented out stream
  • #3477 properly detect disk space when there is a symlink in path to DVR
  • #4301 workaround for cameras that want or not want trailing slash in URL
  • #4324 fix VOD playback in admin UI
  • #4350 add custom HTTP headers to HLS and HTTP MPEG-TS requests
  • #4361 properly fill SNMP sStatus field for stream
  • #4409 removed autostarting streams by player
  • #4447 scheduler utilization indication in SNMP and HTTP API
  • #4453 now HTTP even handler passes all extra options in request
  • #4454 fixed bug with reordering events
  • #4460 add workaround for buggy Dahua cam that double encodes SPS

For those who need low latency, hurry up to use our updated low latency player: http://flussonic/STREAMNAME/embed.html?version=3&realtime=true and get other fixes related to lpayer

  • #4021 added allowfullscreen to iframe code in admin UI
  • #4108 play_duration option support in version=3 player
  • #4428 fix scaling version=3 player to full size

And the rest of important features and fixes:

  • #4277 enable RTMP push authorization for limelight CDN
  • #4363 [VSaaS] now working under Elbrus 2K
  • #4370 [VSaaS] fix showing agents in streamer list
  • #4375 [VSaaS] better handling of slow PTZ response
  • #4376 better handling of DVR fragments when subtitle is missing for a long time
  • #4377 fix agent deadlock on provision service error
  • #4388 removed using fallocate in DVR: it don’t work
  • #4395 send proper activated flag on event session_opened
  • #4414 added support for RTMP PUSH adobe akamai auth that requires reconnect
  • #4427 now DVR will not duplicate memory usage and will try to write only segments available for livestream