Flussonic Media Server 22.07


Мы выпустили Flussonic Media Server 22.07.

Flussonic Media Server

Реализована GeoIP балансировка. При обращении зрителя, балансировщик отправляет его не просто на наименее загруженный стример, но еще и географически ближайший.

Реализована балансировка транскодеров: публикация, принятая от сервера захвата Flussonic, отправляется на транскодер с наименьшим количеством активных потоков.

Ознакомьтесь с полным списком улучшений и исправлений ниже и обновите ваши серверы как можно скорее!

Что нового

  • #11910 (new) (Flussonic) It is now possible to push streams via HLS to WebDAV server.
  • #21069 (new) (Player) WebRTC player now supports using canvas html tag that allows to add graphic elements to create a custom video preview.
  • #22204 (new) (Flussonic) Added ability to configure a group for a stream in IPTV plugin. The group is added via themeta-group parameter in the stream configuration, and then is displayed in the group-title parameter in the downloaded playlist.
  • #22469 (new) (Flussonic) HLS master playlists are now generated according to Flussonic API schema.
  • #23203 (new) (Flussonic) Load balancer now can distribute client requests among servers in a cluster taking country codes into account.
  • #23247 (new) (Flussonic UI) Changed the appearance of Flussonic UI for better usability. Now the home page contains several tabs for main elements (streams, templates, transponder, sources, VODs) and users don’t have to scroll down to search for a necessary element.
  • #23880 (new) (Flussonic) Added a new load balancer mode to handle publishing streams. The streams mode redirects a publishing stream to the transcoder with the least number of active streams.
  • #23957 (new) (Flussonic) Multipart uploading of files from DVR archive to ceph s3 (radosgw) is now possible.
  • #24186 (new) (Flussonic Coder) Added support for Jetson TX2 NX module (P3636) module in Flussonic Coder.
  • #24191 (new) (Flussonic API) Added new ad_injected event that contains information about injecting and playing advertising in live streams. For details, see API schema.
  • #24327 (new) (Flussonic UI) Added the “Copy to the clipboard” button for copying the output URL on the “Output” tab of stream settings.
  • #24391 (new) (Flussonic API) Improved the structure of track_info part in media_infosettings, by dividing the parameters for several groups depending on media content. This will allow to make a request to a video source for receiving an input with particular parameters.
  • #23966 (improved) (Flussonic UI) Fixed non-working stream creation by clicking “Enter” in the form of creating a stream.
  • #24132 (improved) (Player) Presales SCTE demo now displays played advertising for better visibility.
  • #24163 (improved) (Flussonic Player) Added a description of opts in README for Flussonic WebRTC player.
  • #24208 (improved) (Flussonic API) Added a description on how to get m3u playlists to Streaming API.
  • #24279 (improved) (Flussonic API) Fixed non-working methods for getting the list of logos and deleting a logo in Flussonic API.
  • #24334 (improved) (Flussonic UI) Flussonic UI now uses API V3 for Logo, SSH, and VOD.
  • #24348 (improved) (Player) MSE player is now updated more regularly, from npjms.com (https://www.npmjs.com/).
  • #24357 (improved) (Flussonic UI) Flussonic UI now uses API V3 methods for reading and editing configuration.
  • #24478 (improved) (Flussonic UI) All Flussonic UI fields that allow selection now use values from Flussonic API schema.
  • #24501 (improved) (Flussonic UI) Flussonic UI now uses API V3 methods for displaying and deleting logos.
  • #24522 (improved) (Flussonic API) Fixed incorrect format of segmet_duration parameter. Now it is integer.
  • #20802 (new) (Cloud) Flussonic Cloud is now able to connect to an external authorization backend to check if the viewer is allowed to access a stream or a VOD file.
  • #23185 (improved) (Cloud) Added the ability to set SRT publishing parameters in Flussonic Cloud.

Что исправлено

  • #11003 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with unbalanced loading of RAID disks when recording streams.
  • #12904 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed absense of SCTE35 markers in a playlist after transcoding with Flussonic Coder when scte35=true is present in the stream’s configuration.
  • #18141 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with Flussonic failing to ingest HLS sources containing SCTE-35 ad insertion markers.
  • #23219 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed the issue with rounding frame rate, which affected the resulting bitrate.
  • #23547 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with publishing via WebRTC with incorrect resolution.
  • #23705 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with Flussonic missing parts of WebVTT and TTML subtitle blocks converted from DVB teletext sources.
  • #24024 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed error 500 when editing the default IPTV package via Flussonic API.
  • #24053 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the enoent error when updating Flussonic.
  • #24095 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed video freezes when playing a stream via WHAP.
  • #24161 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with Flussonic instance changing the server ID after the update.
  • #24250 (fixed) (Flussonic Player) Fixed the issue with Flussonic DVR player failing to play the last recorded hour.
  • #24300 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed the issue with missing the input offline label in the “Input” tab of the stream settings.
  • #24365 (fixed) (Cloud UI) Removed unnecessary tabs in the Cloud UI.
  • #24385 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue when archived logs in .gzformat where not uploaded via the “Upload debug” tab in Flussonic UI.
  • #24405 (fixed) (Player) Fixed incorrect work of the “pause” button in DVR player.
  • #24459 (fixed) (Player) Fixed incorrect rewinding of a multi-bitrate stream in DVR player back for 1 hour on the first click.
  • #24611 (fixed) (Fussonic UI) Fixed incorrect selection of an authorization type on the “Auth” tab of a stream’s settings when on_play iptv://localhost directive is used in the stream’s configuration.
  • #24162 (fixed) (Cloud) Fixed the issue with lacking token in the request from Cloud instance to auth backend, which affected token authentication procedure.

Обновления в документации

  • #24050 (new) (Flussonic) Learn about how to estimate the requirements for the network and calculate the required bandwidth in the article of our Flussonic knowledge-base.
  • #24166 (new) Described the way to configure authorization backend for play sessions in Flssonic Cloud. Visit our documentation to learn more.
  • #23594 (improved) (Flussonic) Described parameters for capturing video from SDI Decklink card in Flussonic UI.
  • #23616 (improved) (Flussonic) Added description of the Preview player with ability to choose a tab for particular player.
  • #23620 (improved) (Flussonic) Updated the description of Flussonic Coder.
  • #23650 (improved) (Flussonic) Described multiwindow mode of DVR player.
  • #23790 (improved) (Flussonic) Added description of UTC format for video thumbnails for DVR.
  • #23808 (improved) (Watcher) The description of the “Public URL” setting of the streamer updated to show that it is required for embedding cameras to third party web pages.
  • #23867 (improved) (Flussonic) Updated the URL for ingesting SRT streams in the description.
  • #23894 (improved) (Flussonic) Updated description and screenshot of pushing options after renaming “Timeout” into “Retry timeout”.
  • #23898 (improved) (Flussonic API) Described Embed HTML playback parameters in the Streaming API schema.
  • #23929 (improved) (Flussonic) Removed the outdated description on importing m3u playlist.
  • #23930 (improved) (Flussonic) Added the description of capturing screen in WebRTC player.
  • #23947 (improved) (Flussonic) Added the description of new log rotation mechanism.
  • #24040 (improved) (Flussonic) Described the buttons for seeking per frame in DVR player.
  • #24103 (improved) (Flussonic) Fixed the font size in the Server-side playlists article.
  • #24134 (improved) (Flussonic) Described a new mechanism of measuring available bandwidth for WebRTC ABR. See Using REMB or TWCC for ABR to learn more.
  • #24143 (improved) (Flussonic) Added link to JSON merge patch mechanism that is used in our HTTP API.
  • #24288 (improved) (Watcher) Description of Watcher Core API updated to explain component interactions in more details.
  • #24333 (improved) (Flussonic) Removed the outdated auto_token UUID parameter from the Flussonic knowledge-base.