Flussonic Media Server 22.02


Мы выпустили Flussonic Media Server 22.02.

Flussonic Media Server

Теперь Flussonic умеет досылать потерянные UDP-пакеты в ответ на сообщения от браузера. Это позволяет совместить минимальную задержку и передачу видео без артефактов даже при нестабильном интернет-соединении.

Добавлена поддержка кодека AV1.

Ознакомьтесь с полным списком улучшений и исправлений ниже и обновите ваши серверы как можно скорее!

Что нового

  • #19932 (new) (Flussonic) Added a new playback URL format (srt://ip:port) for SRT streams that is supported by most players.
  • #21022 (new) (Flussonic UI) Added “Error” filter on the “Media” page to filter streams with errors.
  • #21282 (new) (Player) Player can now pass the information about available tracks and the currently used track to the browser.
  • #21443 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic can now retransmit packets to a browser after getting the event that a packet was not received. This works for UDP packets during WebRTC playback.
  • #21505 (new) (Flussonic) Playing HLS stream with multiple audio tracks now works correctly for streams with DVR.
  • #21521 (new) (Player) It is now possible to display thumbnails for DASH playback in the rewind mode.
  • #21580 (new) (Flussonic API) Added status field for a stream statistics in the API schema.
  • #21646 (new) (Flussonic API) Created specification for HTTP playback API. It will be published soon.
  • #21664 (new) (Flussonic API) Added dvr and ssl flags for a session in the API schema.
  • #21699 (new) (Flussonic API) Added initial specification for WHIP (WebRTC HTTP ingest protocol) and WHAP (WebRTC HTTP plAy protocol). It will be published soon.
  • #21786 (new) (Flussonic) It is now possible to publish and play video encoded with AV1 codec via WebRTC.
  • #21886 (new) (Flussonic) It is now possible to record MP4 video encoded with AV1 codec into a DVR archive and export it from the DVR archive.
  • #21915 (new) (Flussonic) Video encoded with AV1 codec with audio encoded with OPUS codec can now be played via DASH protocol.
  • #21980 (new) (Flussonic) Video encoded with AV1 codec with audio encoded with OPUS codec can now be played with MSE Player in browsers.
  • #21982 (new) (Flussonic) Video encoded with AV1 codec with audio encoded with OPUS codec can now be played via HLS protocol.

Что исправлено

  • #16640 (fixed) (Flussonic) (NVENC transoder) Fixed memory leaks in NVENC trancoder.
  • #17678 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed incorrect transcoding of a stream with interlacing. Updated SDK.
  • #17859 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with flussonic-epmd.service, causing Flussonic not to start after the reboot or an update.
  • #19496 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed freezing of some MPEG-TS streams after publishing in Flussonic.
  • #19528 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with bad restoring of SRT publication from vMix after a short connection loss.
  • #19678 (fixed) (Player) Fixed incorrect scaling of a timeline with a mouse cursor when playing a DVR archive.
  • #19944 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed broken IPTV plugin in Flussonic UI.
  • #20612 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed incorrect logging when closing RTMP source for publication.
  • #20749 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed delays when restarting a file in an on-demand stream by removing unnecessary operations between restarts.
  • #21207 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed the issue when a template prefix was not set in the template configuration being added via UI.
  • #21217 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed errors when getting Flussonic Coder interfaces via API V3.
  • #21301 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed stopping a video track after interruption of an audio track in a mixer stream.
  • #21312 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Deleted unnecessary code when accessing API and, thus, improved the Flussonic UI performance.
  • #21335 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with unavailable stream on a restreamer after switching it from on-demand to static.
  • #21423 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed absence of “SD” or “HD” icons for tracks in stream settings on the “Overview” tab.
  • #21566 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue when receiving teletext with Decode Time Stamps (DTS) was out of sync with other media.
  • #21584 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Deleted unnecessary requests on start and, thus, improved the Flussonic UI performance.
  • #21593 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed incorrect work of the except option for streams in a cluster when using templates.
  • #21594 (fixed) (Flussonic API) Fixed absence of information about cluster peers and sources in stream statistics in API V3.
  • #21622 (fixed) (Player) Fixed the issue when Player did not start DVR archive playback after pausing live stream.
  • #21623 (fixed) (Player) Fixed displaying incorrect state of the Pause button when playing a DVR archive.
  • #21639 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed memory leak when playing a stream with CMAF enabled.
  • #21685 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed incorrect resizing of thumbnails for DASH playback.
  • #21723 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Custom queries on pulse graph page was fixed.
  • #21748 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed incorrect displaying of bitrate when capturing video from Decklink SDI cards.
  • #21779 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Deleted unused files and packages and, thus, improved the Flussonic UI performance.
  • #21800 (fixed) (Flussonic API) Fixed the error when sending POST request for server configuration validation with data in application/json format.
  • #21852 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Significant improvement of main page speed loading.
  • #21859 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed impossibility to download a playlist from the IPTV plugin. Now it is necessary to pass the token parameter (instead of key) to receive a playlist: http://localhost:8080/tv/playlists/client_name?token=XXXXXXX.
  • #21872 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed absence of track resolution in the “Output media info” section on the “Overview” tab in the stream settings.
  • #21885 (fixed) (Flussonic API) Fixed duplicated fields in track_info part of stream parameters in API schema.
  • #21917 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed broken video capturing from DVB cards with record_input enabled.
  • #21927 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with cluster ingest when one server in a cluster shuts down, and its streams are not redirected to another active server in a cluster.
  • #21956 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed returning empty playlist during playback with IPTV plugin.
  • #21959 (fixed) (Flussonic) Trimming after DTS rollover in UDP push was fixed.
  • #21981 (fixed) (Flussonic API) Fixed returning incorrect status of a stream with missing source in response to the API request. Now ’error’ status is returned instead of ‘waiting’.
  • #22000 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed absence of the “Chassis” tab in Flussonic Coder UI.
  • #22010 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed setting segment_duration=0 instead of deleting this parameter after deleting in Flussonic UI.
  • #22021 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the error when accessing API with a disabled stream. It caused incorrect displaying streams in Flussonic UI and an error when getting the list of streams via API.
  • #22037 (fixed) (Flussonic) (NVENC transoder) Fixed transcoder crash when switching to a fallback file in devices=auto mode.

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