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Flussonic Media Server

  • #4252 (new) [Flussonic] The short notation for specifying output protocols for a stream on one line in the configuration file: by using the new ‘protocols’ option. Подробнее
  • #9143 (new) [Flussonic] The support for Blackmagic Decklink Quad2 cards: the ‘duplex’ option was added for you to tell Flussonic whether your card uses 4 or 8 SDI ports (‘url decklink://0 duplex=full|half’, ‘full’ allows using 4 ports, ‘half’ - all 8 ports; set this option for devices 0 - 3).
  • #10337 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic can now deinterlace progressive streams (decklink://) by using the yadif method (Подробнее), and also use yadif when transcoding on Nvidia NVENC (Подробнее), thus achieving better quality of output video. Add ‘deinterlace=yadif’ to the settings.
  • #10443 (new) [Flussonic] The transcoder processes the parameters ‘size’, ‘aspect’, ‘force_original_aspect_ratio’, and ‘crop’ in a new way. The main change is that ‘size’ now means the size of a player window on the screen rather than size in pixels. The strategy of resizing (crop, fit, scale) was added. So the size can be set in one of the ways: size=WxH:fit:#ААFFEE, size=WxH:crop, or size=WxH:scale. The parameter ‘aspect’ means SAR now.
  • #10532 (new) [Flussonic] Parsing WebRTC player statistics for providing QoE measurement.
  • #10533 (new) [Flussonic] The initial support for SDI output was added (Decklink). To the stream settings add a line like the following: ‘push decklink://0 size=720x576 fps=50 volume=0.01 deinterlace=true’. Подробнее
  • #10675 (new) [Flussonic UI] The streams’ Overview page was reworked to provide more information and convenience.
  • #8015 (new) [Flussonic UI] Now you can specify Program ID in stream settings > Output > Additional options > MPEG-TS specific.
  • #9560 (improved) [Flussonic] You can configure Flussonic to protect the file system from accessing from the Flussonic UI. For this, use the environment variable FLUSSONIC_DATAPATH to specify the directory to which VOD, DVR, and cache locations should be limited.
  • #9723 (improved) [Flussonic] On the DRM page you can now specify the encryption key rotation interval (the ’expires’ option). Подробнее
  • #9746 (improved) [Flussonic] For all supported DRM systems, Flussonic now rotates a DRM key once in 10 minutes by default. Use the option ’expires’ to set a different interval for key rotation.
  • #10503 (improved) [Flussonic] We have prevented the situation when Flussonic might stop responding if it fails to load license info. The server will try to reboot and obtain license info each minute while showing the UI page for entering a license key.

Что исправлено
  • #3998 (fixed) [Flussonic transcoder] Fixed incorrect SAR and DAR after transcoding.
  • #4036 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The UI shows clustered DVR correctly.
  • #4497 (fixed) [Flussonic] The transcoder behavior was reworked and DAR is no longer affected by the ‘aspect’ parameter after transcoding by using NVENC.
  • #5153 (fixed) [Flussonic] Deinterlacing for streams with ‘url decklink://’ now works successfully.
  • #7779 (fixed) [Flussonic] With the new transcoder behavior, the issue of incorrect picture dimensions after transcoding on CPU was resolved.
  • #7963 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Flussonic Coder: The Chassis section shows the status information about each coder, such as temperature, power usage, uptime, and input and output bitrates of transcoded streams.
  • #8435 (fixed) [Flussonic] Flussonic encodes audio in OPUS for WebRTC correctly with the transcoder option ‘acodec=opus’.
  • #8467 (fixed) [Flussonic] When a smartphone that published a video stream to Flussonic was switched to airplane mode, Flussonic did not immediately mark the stream as unavailable.
  • #8525 (fixed) [Flussonic] The backup video stream could fail after the user stopped the main, WebRTC, stream, if the CPU transcoding was used with certain options (immutable=true).
  • #9017 (fixed) [Flussonic] The UI section Overview > Media Info now shows codecs and bitrate of the input stream for the transcoder.
  • #9291 (fixed) [Flussonic] The API call ‘input_media_info’ returns data.
  • #9349 (fixed) [Flussonic] DVR archives in an app-level RAID are now cleaned up correctly.
  • #9456 (fixed) [Flussonic] Improved live stream transcoding when switching between stream sources.
  • #9835 (fixed) [Flussonic] Restarting the transcoder could no longer causes freezes while playing the output stream.
  • #9851 (fixed) [Flussonic] Handling EPG events in mpts-udp:// sources was fixed so streams are ingested now.
  • #10142 (fixed) [Flussonic] Camera preview screen in Flussonic Watcher showed frames received either from the main or a sub-stream randomly, which could result in excessive CPU usage. Now streams with multiple sources are processed correctly.
  • #10158 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The UI now supports the new parameters of WebVTT subtitles conversion, the obsolete ‘dvbsubs_ocr=true’ no longer appears in the configuration.
  • #10289 (fixed) [Flussonic] User sessions in WebRTC playback are now updated or closed on time.
  • #10293 (fixed) [Flussonic] Subtitles are now present in M4F streams.
  • #10319 (fixed) [Flussonic] Resource usage by Mosaics was optimized.
  • #10345 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] It was impossible to select streams for multi-editing after editing any data in the UI without saving.
  • #10347 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Some fields showed inaccurate values if the user entered them very quickly.
  • #10363 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The UI no longer shows a DVR player for streams without DVR.
  • #10424 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The option ‘only’ used to select output protocols now works successfully.
  • #10431 (fixed) [Flussonic] MPEG-TS over HTTP streams had the error ‘DTS backward jump’ in the log.
  • #10468 (fixed) [Flussonic Coder] Segments of varied duration are no longer present in index.m3u8 playlists.
  • #10491 (fixed) [Flussonic] WebRTC published streams did not play in FireFox.
  • #10499 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with PlayReady-protected content not played on Roku was resolved.
  • #10506 (fixed) [Player] An issue of 20.01: the admin’s token is passed to the player successfully now.
  • #10511 (fixed) [Flussonic] In v20.01 multibitrate playlists index.m3u8 contained incorrect data, now the adaptive bitrate works again, segments of varied duration no longer present.
  • #10520 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The link to embed.html on the Overview page was fixed.
  • #10522 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The Remove button on the Input tab now deletes a source successfully.
  • #10528 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The redundant message about scaling governor profile no longer appears in the UI.
  • #10551 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The issue of 20.01 with saving VOD settings was resolved.
  • #10556 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] After closing and then opening the browser, the admin token was lost. Streams with authorization are now played without 403 error, and the token is present again in stream URLs.
  • #10575 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with some transcoded streams getting stopped was resolved.
  • #10576 (fixed) [Player] In version 20.01, embed.html?dvr=true did not work in very old browsers.
  • #10644 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with passing DVB teletext to tshttp:// and video.m3u8 was resolved.
  • #10647 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] In v20.01 the loading spinner could appear on the Save button when you saved DVR settings.
  • #10669 (fixed) [Player] The player in Watcher now shows motion event marks on the timeline.
  • #10691 (fixed) [Flussonic] When publishing via WebRTC from a mobile device and playing via RTMP in Exoplayer, audio frames were a few seconds ahead of corresponding video frames.
  • #10710 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] In Pulse > Custom pulse query, the automatic filling of the search box with examples is now working.
  • #10732 (new) [Flussonic UI] The transcoder UI supports the new parameters added to support anamorph video.
  • #10746 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with cache in v20.01.1 was resolved.
  • #10801 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The redundant message ‘Add video tracks to be able to set transcoder options’ was removed.
  • #10802 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] The button ‘Convert DVB subtitles to WebVTT’ now works.

Прекращена поддержка
  • #10543 (deprecated) [Flussonic UI] The IPTV plugin is going to be deprecated and Flussonic prompts you to migrate to Catena.