Версия 19.06


Вышел Flussonic 19.06.

Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic Watcher теперь устанавливается через пакет flussonic-watcher, режим кластера возможен на одном сервере Watcher, поддержка старого веб-интерфейса Watcher и SQLite полностью удалена из продукта, выбранные параметры веб-интерфейса сохраняются на сервере и не сбрасываются, добавлена возможность удалить фрагмент архива DVR через Flussonic HTTP API.

Что нового

Flussonic Media Server

  • #4575 (new) [Flussonic] To back up and restore Flussonic configuration is now possible using the web UI.
  • #8134 (new) [Flussonic] A new API call /flussonic/api/dvr/delete for forcibly deleting a specified fragment of a DVR archive. Locked intervals are also deleted by this call. This call supports local DVR and DVR copied to remote storages. Подробнее
  • #8170 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic issues the event udp_pusher_does_not_fit_cbr and a log message if a stream sent via UDP has a too high bitrate that causes buffer overflow. Подробнее
  • #7933 (improved) [Flussonic] The list of GPUs was added to the output of the API call /api/server. GPUs are shown in the transcoder_devices section.
  • #7981 (improved) [Flussonic] UI changes: Transcoder options are now on the Transcoder tab, and the thumbnails options were moved to Output.
  • #8138 (improved) [Flussonic] The text representation of transcoder options in the UI now shows all settings that were selected by using the drop-down lists.
  • #8395 (improved) [Flussonic] The UI option ‘Speed up the transcoder by running it as part of Flussonic’ makes the transcoder run in the same process with Flussonic Media Server (the default behavior is when the transcoder runs in a separate process). Use it with caution.
  • #8432 (improved) [Flussonic] The url_prefix settings is no longer used in the master HLS playlist but only in per-bitrate playlists. This is useful for streaming via CDN.


  • #7535 (new) [Watcher] Кластерный режим поддерживается и при установке Watcher на один сервер без удаленных стримеров.
  • #7594 (new) [Watcher] Flussonic Watcher теперь устанавливается как пакет flussonic-watcher, и с ним сразу установятся Flussonic Media Server и PostgreSQL. Также вместе с Watcher поставляется утилита для работы с базой данных /opt/flussonic/contrib/watcher.
  • #8016 (new) [Watcher] You can add a custom favicon for your Watcher (in Settings > Branding). The size 32x32px is supported.
  • #8306 (new) [Watcher] The custom color scheme of the UI is now based on a limited number of basic colors that you can easily change in Settings > Branding, and all other colors are calculated automatically based on those basic colors.
  • #8144 (improved) [Watcher] Access Log now shows the IP address in the Event Info column for all logging in actions (either failed or successful).
  • #6687 (improved) [Watcher] The user settings and user profile pages now contain the ‘Phone’ field.
  • #8223 (improved) [Watcher] The preferred UI settings are now stored permanently on the server for longer than a user session: the UI language and display mode for camera lists in Cameras, Users, Groups, Favorites, and when adding a camera to a group.
  • #8438 (improved) [Watcher] The Experimental dashboard is now always enabled (the corresponding check box no longer appears in Settings).
  • #8455 (improved) [Watcher] The list of Flussonic Agents shows a camera name for each Agent and allows you to go to camera settings
  • #8082 (deprecated) [Watcher] The support for the SQLite database engine is completely stopped.
  • #8402 (deprecated) [Watcher] From version 19.06 the old UI is no longer used. Updated Watchers receive the new UI with no option to switch to the old one.

Mobile Watcher

  • #8246 (improved) [Mobile Watcher] In event filters you can choose a camera from a drop-down list.


  • #8383 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent supports SpezVision cameras.

  • #7441 (fixed) [Flussonic] The transcoding of m4f sources was fixed.
  • #8250 (fixed) [Flussonic] A lot of ‘mpegts_decoder:1116’ messages were in the log, caused by internal issues.
  • #8251 (fixed) [Flussonic] In version 19.04 a mosaic view (merging a number of streams) could become corrupted due to a memory leak.
  • #8274 (fixed) [Flussonic] Streams with PCMU audio received from IP cameras were not played.
  • #8285 (fixed) [Flussonic] Broadcasting MPEG-TS streams via UDP could in some cases cause memory leaks.
  • #8295 (fixed) [Flussonic] The Save button in text representation of the transcoder settings is now displayed correctly.
  • #8424 (fixed) [Flussonic] DASH improvements.
  • #8459 (fixed) [Flussonic] Transcoder improvements: better playback of transcoded streams via some protocols and players.
  • #8508 (fixed) [Flussonic] A special command-line utility for publishing video was renamed into /opt/flussonic/contrib/rtmp_push.
  • #8526 (fixed) [Flussonic] The Input tab shows if DVB subtitles recognition is turned on or off (corresponds to ‘dvbsubs_ocr’ in the configuration file).


  • #7258 (fixed) [Watcher] Access Log now shows correct IP addresses of users who logged in from the mobile app.
  • #8156 (fixed) [Watcher] User experience with selecting dates in DVR was improved.
  • #8269 (fixed) [Watcher] The API v1 ignored the ‘is_admin’ field.
  • #8299 (fixed) [Watcher] Camera list (2x2) display when the window is resized was fixed.
  • #8360 (fixed) [Watcher] Backup tool bugfixes.
  • #8396 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed PTZ controls that did not work in v19.05.
  • #8434 (fixed) [Watcher] The list of actions in camera’s menu is unified for all list view modes.
  • #8440 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed PTZ buttons appearance.


  • #8220 (fixed) [Player] Video in embed.html DVR player could twitch when the preview picture that appeared near the edge of the screen went beyond the screen.
  • #8428 (fixed) [Player] In Safari, the player now plays DVR and live correctly.

Mobile Watcher

  • #8289 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] On Android 7 and 9 the menu did not respond to tapping.
  • #8314 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] Logging in on iOS devices with Touch ID support was fixed.