Версия 18.07


Мы выпустили Flussonic 18.07

Что нового:

Flussonic Media Server

  • #4943 (new) [Flussonic] MPEG-TS elementary streams from Flussonic now have new metadata (maximum bit rate) that is useful for integration with external systems such as Broadpeak.
  • #6012 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic now has a new event about the status of a stream’s source (active or not), which also sends information about the source.
  • #6058 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic’s unique JPEG-less video thumbnails are now available for VOD. They save you a lot of system resources.
  • #6128 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic now has API commands for reporting how much disk space is used by a camera’s archive.
  • #6129 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic adds info about disk space usage to events that are generated when an archive’s size changes.
  • #4472 (new) [Flussonic] Log records about disconnected stream sources now contain info about the number of clients of a lost source.
  • #5821 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic’s authorization via backend by using Lua scripts allows checking and limiting the number of clients of a stream.
  • #5897 (new) [Flussonic] Flussonic can now handle internal indexes of DVR data in a completely new way - this significantly saves server resources, and DVR archives are played much quicker and smoother. .
  • #5916 (new) [Flussonic] A video analytics module was added to Flussonic. It is available by request.
  • #6005 (new) [Flussonic] From version 18.07, Flussonic uses systemd for launching.

Flussonic Watcher

  • #6015 (new) [Watcher] A new web interface for Watcher is available. It has many improvements. You can try it now by the link in the existing UI, with the possibility to switch back to the previous version.
  • #6161 (new) [Watcher] The link to the new version of Watcher UI is available in the Watcher UI. To switch back, use the similar link.
  • #4884 (new) [Watcher] Users can specify camera names when importing cameras by using ONVIF Discovery in the UI.
  • #4971 (new) [Watcher] The list of streamers now shows an Agent for each camera.
  • #4977 (new) [Watcher] Users can remotely change the direction and zoom of their PTZ-enabled cameras by using buttons in the Watcher’s web interface.
  • #5192 (new) [Watcher] The API v2 now has methods for working with PTZ cameras.
  • #5796 (new) [Watcher] Watcher can receive events from cameras about detected motion and can send push notifications to subscriber’s mobile devices.
  • #5842 (new) [Watcher] You can import a list of users in JSON or CSV notation to Flussonic Watcher by using API v2’s endpoint /vsaas/api/v2/users/import.
  • #5918 (new) [Watcher] Camera events metadata is now stored in the system.
  • #5846 (new) [Watcher] All API v2 methods in use were documented.

Flussonic Watcher Mobile

  • #5533 (new) [Mobile Watcher] Flussonic can send push notifications about camera events to Watcher mobile app.
  • #5672 (new) [Mobile Watcher] A screen for viewing camera events is added to the Watcher mobile app.
  • #6008 (new) [Mobile Watcher] Users can now learn their app’s version in the About menu.

Flussonic Agent

  • #5623 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports OwlerPro i230 cameras.
  • #5830 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports ActiveCam AC-D7101IR1 cameras.
  • #5831 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports ActiveCam AC-D2111IR3W cameras.
  • #5832 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports ActiveCam AC-D8111IR2W cameras.
  • #5987 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports NOVICAM N22LW cameras.
  • #6086 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports NOVIcam PRO NC33WP cameras.
  • #6060 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports ActiveCam AC-D2111IR3 cameras.
  • #6061 (new) [Agent] Flussonic Agent now supports ActiveCam AC-D8111IR2 cameras.


Flussonic Media Server

  • #4410 (fixed) [Flussonic] Playback of files stored on Swift did not work in some situations.
  • #4603 (fixed) [Flussonic] Now it is possible to get JPEG files from remote m4f source if they are recorded on remote server.
  • #4547 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue of missing pieces in archives of RTSP IP cameras was resolved.
  • #4590 (fixed) [Flussonic] The size of the buffer for pre-pushing of MPEG-TS video from archives can now be configured.
  • #4852 (fixed) [Flussonic] Export to MP4 for MP2V content now works correctly.
  • #5521 (fixed) [Flussonic] It was impossible to playback a stream via embed.html?dvr=true if the stream’s settings contained the backup setting.
  • #5799 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with internal DVR cache failure with a stream without a local storage but with remote m4f DVR was resolved.
  • #5928 (fixed) [Flussonic] Watcher correctly locks from cleaning the parts of an archive with motion events.
  • #6142 (fixed) [Flussonic] The player in DVR requested the status of a record from the server too often, making the system stop responding.
  • #5616 (fixed) [Flussonic] The add_audio_only setting no longer fails to work for VOD content.
  • #5628 (fixed) [Flussonic] Playback of very long files transferred by HLS no longer stops in the iddle.
  • #5674 (fixed) [Flussonic] The MSE player no longer stops responding after switching the source from WebRTC to file.
  • #5776 (fixed) [Flussonic] The issue with Flussonic not ingesting video from a certain model of NVR was resolved.
  • #5851 (fixed) [Flussonic] Notification settings without name are no longer saved.
  • #5862 (fixed) [Flussonic] Requesting of video via HLS in the range out of a recorded range no longer causes the player to stop responding.
  • #5865 (fixed) [Flussonic] The DVR replication mechanism was rewritten to prevent excessive traffic in some situations.
  • #5902 (fixed) [Flussonic] An issue with video playback (it stopped for a few seconds and then sped up above normal) was resolved.
  • #5906 (fixed) [Flussonic] Changing the priority of a stream’s source via SQL API now works correctly.
  • #5911 (fixed) [Flussonic] Archive export to MP4 now works even if no recordings existed for the selected time interval.
  • #6032 (fixed) [Flussonic] Flussonic can start in Docker containers using systemd.
  • #6090 (fixed) [Flussonic] An issue in the UDP capture mechanism was resolved, Flussonic no longer fails to start because of that issue.

Flussonic Watcher

  • #4404 (fixed) [Watcher] Now it is possible to add a camera with a streamer that is offline.
  • #5234 (fixed) [Watcher] Dashboard and cameras are now displayed correctly if no map center coordinates were specified in Watcher configuration.
  • #5639 (fixed) [Watcher] Russian localization of the Watcher UI was improved.
  • #6035 (fixed) [Watcher] API v2 requests now support Cyrillic characters in the Search parameter.
  • #4882 (fixed) [Watcher] The player in embed.html no longer stops responding when opening an archive for a camera that sent too many events about detected motion (hundreds of them in an hour).
  • #5219 (fixed) [Watcher] In Watcher working in the cluster mode newly added cameras are no longer disabled by default.
  • #5642 (fixed) [Watcher] Import of cameras by using API v2 now works with any Content-Type.
  • #5644 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with wider users rights in the new Watcher UI was resolved.
  • #5645 (fixed) [Watcher] The login of a newly added user no longer auto-filled with the login of the current user.
  • #5773 (fixed) [Watcher] Cameras are now added correctly via the new Watcher UI that works with a cluster of streamers.
  • #5811 (fixed) [Watcher] Cameras are now successfully added to a mosaic in Mosaics.
  • #5824 (fixed) [Watcher] The look of the list of users was improved (some labels removed).
  • #5953 (fixed) [Watcher] The migration script now correctly handles invalid credentials for accessing the database.
  • #5954 (fixed) [Watcher] The migration script now produces shorter INFO messages.
  • #5993 (fixed) [Watcher] The Events link is always displayed now in Cameras in the Watcher UI because Watcher can now receive events without using the camera_alarm plugin.
  • #5996 (fixed) [Watcher] An issue with deleting of cameras through API v2 was resolved.
  • #5998 (fixed) [Watcher] API v2 supports two types of brackets for bodies of event-related requests, {} and [{}].
  • #5929 (fixed) [Watcher] An issue with push notifications was resolved.
  • #5972 (fixed) [Watcher] Flussonic’s HTTP API can provision event-related settings to streamers.
  • #5840 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with check boxes in the UI not working was resolved.
  • #6006 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with push notifications not being sent is now resolved.

Flussonic Watcher Mobile

  • #5891 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] The issue with starting the player on Android was resolved.
  • #6062 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] The app for Android no longer stops when certain events are sent to it.

Другие исправления

  • #6100 (fixed) [Statistics] Server hostnames and IP addresses no longer disappear from the list of servers in Account > Servers.